VIDEO: Our Imam Hussain in 50 Words & 30 Seconds – NOUR

VIDEO: Our Imam Hussain in 50 Words & 30 Seconds


A large part of our mission here at NOUR is to continue educating the world about Imam Hussain ibn Ali and the beauty of Islam. It is no secret that Islam's public perception has fell into the wrong hands to misguided groups like ISIS, whom mass media outlets unfortunately made as the posters of the religion of Islam. 

We will only be able to combat this misleading media perception by creating content of our own, promoting the "nour" of Islam as well as the best representatives of the religion, the family of the Prophet (saw). By sharing this content that is both appealing with the ability to build curiosity, we can contribute to spreading the blessings of Islam.

In this short video, we highlight 50 characteristic words that describe Imam Hussain (as). Words like, teacher, ethical, noble, giver, savior, leader, trusty, brave and honest are used. Please join our efforts to overpower the negative representations of Islam with the true examples we have been blessed with on this Earth by sharing our content on your social media platforms. May Allah spread his mercy on all of us.