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CONVERSATIONS: Poet & Author | Nouri Sardar


 Continuing our "Conversations" Series, we were delighted to have the opportunity to connect with a familiar name amongst lovers of Ahlul Bayt (AS), Nouri Sardar. Nouri is a young poet, author and spoken word artist from England, known for his poems and writings on the household of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Just as he has released his fifth poetry book titled, Fourteen, composed of his collected poetry in honor of the fourteen infallibles, written in celebration of their characters and lamentation of their tragedies, we spoke with Nouri to bring you this...


zulfiqar rose imam ali sword hat by nour

With the overwhelming success of our Signature Embroidery Ya Hussain design along with a few requests from you all, we proudly like to introduce our newest addition to the store, the signature Zulfiqar Rose artwork in a hat. Made of 100% Acrylic to maintain quality and a strong structure on the hat, the silhouette is of a baseball-cap with a bent brim for a modern look. Adjustable to all sizes, the hat features a strap-back closure on the back made of velcro for...

Gallery: Signature Embroidery Premium Ya Hussain Jersey

imam hussain sword shirt

We put together a lifestyle photo-set with Imran Ali Fayazi photographed by Ryan Allen for NOUR. Here, we show how our Signature Embroidery "Ya Hussain" Premium T-Shirt looks when worn. Imran is 6'3 wearing a Large. 

This jersey is composed of premium quality cotton and rayon blend. The fit runs true to size with crew neck ribbing. The design is embroidered on to the jersey for a unique high-fashion look. The embroidery is fine with rich stitching running six inches across the chest. This signature...

CONVERSATIONS: Revolutionary Based Art with Mohammad Hamza (Intifada Street)

intifada street interview

 We had the pleasure to speak with a truly remarkable human being and extremely talented revolutionary artist, Hamza, whose art genuinely captivated us. We immediately set up an interview to shine light on our fellow lover of Ahlul Bayt, we're glad you can take the time to read our very first interview as part of our Blog Series: Conversations. Thank you Hamza for allowing us to have this opportunity. Please share and follow Hamza on all social media channels noted below the interview. Let's jump right into it.


VIDEO: Our Imam Hussain in 50 Words & 30 Seconds


A large part of our mission here at NOUR is to continue educating the world about Imam Hussain ibn Ali and the beauty of Islam. It is no secret that Islam's public perception has fell into the wrong hands to misguided groups like ISIS, whom mass media outlets unfortunately made as the posters of the religion of Islam. 

We will only be able to combat this misleading media perception by creating content of our own, promoting the "nour" of Islam as well as the best representatives of the religion, the...